Laser nd yag

Now offering ND YAG Cosmetic laser and Tattoo removal.  Just a few of the many treatments we are offering…

  • Tattoo Removal    
  • Hair Reduction & Removal using Nd:YAG and 808 Diode Technology
  • Fungal nail
  • Permanent Make-up Removal
  •  Stretch Mark Reduction
  • Moles and Birthmark Reduction
  • Scar Reduction
  •  Age Spot Reduction
  • Thread and Spider Vein Reduction
  •  Skin Tightening and Rejuvenation

Tattoo removal

Tattoos consist of thousands of particles of tattoo pigment suspended within the skin. Although our body is amazing at removing small foreign particles from the skin, tattoo pigment particles are too big to be removed which causes them to be permanent. Laser treatment enables tattoo particles to fragment into microscopic pieces allowing the body to naturally remove them.


Hair removal



Fungal nail infection

Laser treatment for fungal toe nails is becoming more and more popular. Laser has a high success rate (approx 90-95%) compared to over the counter and prescription medicines and delivers much faster results. The laser procedure is fast, effective and comfortable with results seen within weeks as the nail plate grows out clear. Laser works by killing the fungus that destroys the nail.


Stretch Marks

lasers are used to stimulate new collagen growth and fill the stretch mark inside out. The Nd: YAG laser energy is absorbed in the dermal layer of the skin stimulating the production of new collagen and elastin . As the new collagen thickens and plumps the skin, it fills in the stretch mark from below.


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